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Professional Massage Mat ECO-DE® ECO-980-G

PRECIO / PRIX / PRICE - €699.00

Our current lifestyle brings to the organism a continuous stress, and thus can provoke numerous disorders either physical or psychic; such as insomnia and backaches. These disorders may turn into chronic problems with difficult solutions.

The professional massage mat ECO-DE® can be used perfectly at home. With its great protective case and the fact that it occupies very little space when folding

It is very easy to install and within minutes you have it ready to use. With 15 minutes a day it will improve mobility of the spine, release tension, stimulate blood circulation and best of everything you will get to relax completely.

The professional massage mat ECO-DE ® could be beneficial to avoid problems with: back ailments, kidneys, contractions, blood circulation problems, diseases of the invertebrate discs, abnormal stress or sleep... Thanks to the vibrating massage and the infrared heating:

. Activates the metabolism improving blood circulation.

. Avoids neck, back, legs and abdomen muscular pain.

. Releases and remove muscular overloads making pain and tension disappear.

. Combats stress and sleep disorder reinforcing immunologic system.

The effect of tired legs, fats, orange peel and even cellulite is eliminated. Thereby, blood circulation is improved, skin is invigorated and dilation of blood vessels is promoted.

In short: metabolism activation with increased oxygen transport, and pain sensations are vanished.

ECO-DE® professional massage mat is composed of high quality accessories:

.incredible rolling motors with Shiatsu technology and infrared heat

. Deep infrared heating in 8 points of the mat

. Cardiovascular pillow

. Independent neck and foot massage pillows

. 6 massage zones / 6 Massage Modes / 6 intensities 

. Massage belt

. Eye vibrating massager with soothing sounds. Possibility of adding mp3

. Programmer time (15 or 30 minutes)

ECO-DE® professional massage mat can perfectly be used at home. Thanks to its fantastic protective case and to the fact that it is a folding mat it occupies very little space.

It is very easy to assemble and in just few minutes it will be ready to use. With 15 minutes a day we will obtain an improvement in movement of the vertebral column, release tensions, stimulate blood circulation and learn to relax. It will allow you a physical and mental balance.

Practising some kind of physical exercise is very important to enjoy a healthy physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. It directly influences our health, strengthens and shapes our body and can also influence our mood helping to reduce anxiety and stress. Combined with the use of professional massage mattress ECO-DE® you will get it quickly and safely!

Shiatsu (finger pressure), including our mattress as a world first ECO-DE ® professional, circular massage that relaxes very effectively across the back, strengthening the muscles and easing tensions.


195x58x8 cm / 15 kg 

Box export/Packing

102x27x63cms 12 Kg

83x28x64 cm 6 Kg