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Imagen principal de Massage chair "Deluxe" ECO-746 Beige ECO-DE

Massage chair "Deluxe" ECO-746 Beige ECO-DE

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Massage chair "DELUXE" ECO-746

- Vibration Massage Chair with lumbar heating system.

- The eight high-performance engines will provide an excellent massage that together with the lumbar heat relaxes the whole body.

Its control knob allows you to enjoy 5 automatic massage by dividing your body into 4 areas: feet, seat, kidneys, neck.

- 3 adjustable intensity levels.

- The design, the most original that makes a difference in your living room.

- A loop will rest until it is almost horizontal.

- Structure of high-strength aluminum, padded Eliocel thick high density synthetic leather with central seams and high quality design, perfect for decorating your home!


- Colours: black, beige

- 5 automatic programs.

- Heat back. Side pocket.

- 4 manual separate zones 

- LED to control the treated area at any time.

- LED intensity control

- Led to heat lumbar control


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