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Massage chair ECO-749UP Beige ECO-DE

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The lift up massage chair ECO-749UP has a Lift remote control that will let you lean the armchair until it becomes practically like a bed following the order of first lifting the footrest until it is in horizontal position and then leaning progressively the backrest.  With the same Lift control you could also lift up the chair to self-help.

Its 8 high performance motors will provide you an excellent massage that together with the lumbar heat will relax your whole body.

The 2 remote control will control each of the following functions:

                - 9 different massage vibration modes

                - 5 intensity levels

                - 4 independent massage zones

                - heating in the lumbar zone

. Lift up function:

This function is very useful for elder or with limited mobility people. It makes the armchair to stand itself to facilitate incorporation.

. Lean function:

Turn your sofa into a bed by just pressing a button. Leaning can be stopped whenever you want it, leaving the sofa at ease.

Its size, the largest in the market, will make the difference in your living room.

You will be able to stop the lifting whenever you estimate being capable of raising people up to 150kg.

High resistant aluminium structure, quilted and very comfortable Eliocel thickness, with high quality synthetic leather and design seams.

Measures: 102 x 94 x 94 cm

2 boxes

87x62x82 cm / 14 Kg
73x27x82 cm / 50 Kg





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