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Spinning bike "GIRO PRO" ECO-812


The spinning bike ECO-DE ® offers a complete workout that improves cardiovascular and respiratory system, burns calories, eliminates fat, increases muscle tone and helps keep the heart beating steadily.

In addition to an emotional benefit (helps combat stress), enhances metabolism and strengthens the muscles of the hips, buttocks, legs and calves.

All spinning bikes have some sort of braking in order to increase the resistance of the movement of the flywheel. These resistors are usually shoe and pressure. In this model the resistance control is done by means of a screw that regulates the strength of the resistance that is done on the flywheel 18 kg steel and chrome finish. Its LCD screen panel, chain drive and sprocket loose (new system), the braking system of competition, triathlon handlebars, saddle length and height adjustable for added convenience. Includes stabilizers and wheels for easy movement.


1.MODE Press to select all functions in sequence.Hold the button

for 2 seconds to total reset all function values.

2.SET Press to set function value.

3.RESET Press to reset function value and back to last setting stage.

Hold the button for 2 seconds to reset all function values and clear

all functions except ODO.


1.SCAN Automatically scan through all functions.

2.TIME Automatically count up exercise time during exercise. Automatically count down exercise time from target during exercise.

3.SPEED Display current exercise speed during exercise.

4.DISTANCE Automatically count up exercise distance during exercise. Automatically count down exercise distance from target during exercise.

5.CALORIES Automatically count up calories consumption during exercise.

Automatically count down calories consumption from target during exercise.

6.ODO Automatically count up total distance from different work out sessions. you will not be able to reset this function value by RESET button.

7.PULSE if available Display current heart rate (beat per minute).


  • Dimensiones: 115 x 49 x 115 m.  
  • Dim. Caja: 110 x19,5 x 82 cm  
  • Peso del volante de inercia: 20 Kg.  
  • Peso de la bicicleta    
  • G.W.:  48Kg.   N.W.: 43 Kg  
  • Peso máximo del usuario: 120 Kg.  
  • Uso domestico.   2 años de garantía.