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Treadmill ECO-2570 ECO-DE®

PRECIO / PRIX / PRICE - €285.00

With the ECO-2570, you can do at home one of the most beneficial exercises for your health; to walk.
The advantages of the treadmill are numerous:
. You can practice physical activity even if you have a lack of time or when you don’t have outdoor space.
. The treadmill / walking cushions the step and limits the effort that is put back.
. The computer that is included to optimize the training through the modulation of the times, distances, speed,
the effort involved and the consumption of calories.
Ideal also for rehabilitation centers.
. Motor Power: 500W
. LCD display: Speed/distance/time/calories/scan
. Speed: 1KM/H- 6KM/H
. Runway size: 80x27,5 cm
. Can be folded manually
. Emergency stop key


MEDIDAS PDTO / MEAS. PROD. 103x50x103 cm
PESO / WEIGHT 18 kg 20 kg
POWER / FRECUENCY 220/230 V 50-60 HZ 500W
MEDIDAS CAJA / MEAS. BOX 108,5x56,5x29 cm
UNIDADES POR CAJA 1 Caja/box 4 Unidades
EAN 8436540965004