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Vibration platform with reflexology ECO-510 ECO-DE®

PRECIO / PRIX / PRICE - €216.00

The vibration platform with reflexology is designed for health care . The platform is for domestic use and has the most advanced
technology for the treatment of various ailments both preventive and rehabilitation of injuries . You can also use it for relaxation
after a hard day’s work.
The platform has several functions; you can enjoy an excellent massage reflexology with high vibration. You will notice that the
exhaustion and pain of her feet away and can feel his gentle vibration increases blood flow to many muscles of the feet and the
inside of the legs. Notice a by activating the accumulated lactic acid and allowing the muscles to relax , vibrating and relaxing
every joint .
You can increase or decrease the intensity of it whenever you want thanks to its joystick.


MEDIDAS PDT / MEAS. PRODUCT 130* 50* 45 cm
PESO / WEIGHT 14kgrs
MEDIDAS CAJA / MEAS. BOX 560*235*465mm/ 355*85*735mm