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Abdominal trainer ECO-851

PRECIO / PRIX / PRICE - €69.00

Do you want to tone up and reshape your entire midsection in a few minutes, from home and getting fast results?
Our “Abdominal Trainer” ECO-851 de ECO-DE® offers you a diversity of exercises to exercise your abs without efforts, avoiding back and neck injuries and keeping the body relaxed thanks to its lumbar support with soft rollers and padding seat.
Get maximum benefits without uncomfortable efforts; improving bad postures, and it folds flat, so you can keep it anywhere!
Its advanced design, with just a few minutes, obtains to strengthen and tone up obliques, superior and inferior abs in 140º degrees.
An easy, comfortable exercise that everyone can practise at home, since it assists the way up and gives resistance on the way down with strains and stress free. With just one up and down movement the “Abdominal Trainer” ECO-851 de ECO-DE® will provide a complete training, much faster and without uncomfortable efforts for your body.
It allows the effort to be focused only on the muscles of the abdomen, obliques and lower back, thus leading
to a firm flat abs in a short time.
Do not hesitate, “Abdominal Trainer” ECO-851 de ECO-DE® is the solution your body was waiting for!


50 x 42 x 73 cm