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2-Seat Sofa Massager ECO-8200 Black ECO-DE®

PRECIO / PRIX / PRICE - €799.00

2 seat sofa with integrated massage. SOFA RECLINER
The prestigious ECO-DE® is pleased to announce a revolution in the sector: THE FIRST 3-SEAT SOFA WITH INTEGRATED MASSAGE ALL IN ONE PIECE.

Made of high quality synthetic leather.
Reclining system controled by a hand lever on each side of the couch.
The massage system consists in 8 vibromotors devided in 4 massage areas: neck, back, kidneys and legs.

The side lever allows you to recline the seat to the horizontal position. Choose from 9 automatic massages, 5 levels of intensity or manual control, dividing into four independent massage zones.
Option of lumbar heat (40 °) for the treatment of back pain.

Available in various colors: