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Imagen principal de Lift Massage Shiatsu Armchair ECO-DE®,  ECO-8630UP

Lift Massage Shiatsu Armchair ECO-DE®, ECO-8630UP

PRECIO / PRIX / PRICE - €760.00

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique based on the benefits of channeling the vital energy by pressing certain key points on our body.
Shiatsu improves the general condition of our organism since relaxes, helps release tension and reduces both physical and emotional stress levels.
In addition, the shiatsu massage also balances the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems, promotes blood circulation, tones the muscles, prevents fluid retention and, therefore, promotes lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins.

Massage modes:
Kneading: Circular massage performed very effectively in all the back area, strengthening muscles and easing tensions.
Tapping: Soft and pleasant massage that simulates hand tapping along the back, helping to increase the circulation of oxygen in the body.
Finger tapping: A softer and relaxing variant, for those who prefer a gentle tapping massage.
Wavelet: A novel combination of tapping and kneading massage. A function that multiplies the relaxing and beneficial effect of both types of massage.
Pummeling: Massage that simulates the knuckles pass along the back, providing a revitalizing effect and promoting blood circulation.


• Rolling Shiatsu massage
• 5 automatic programs.
• Lumbar heat (40 °).
• 5 levels of intensity.
• 5 massage areas.
• Lift control.
• 2 remote controls.
• Screen to control the treated area.
• Side pocket.
• Storage compartments under armrests.


Product measures 112x 80 x 92 cm

Box measures 62 x 90 x 76 cm
86 x 25 x 78 cm
Weight 45 Kg
Grupage 2/Caja 3/Palet
Power / Frequency 220/230V 50-60HZ 200 W