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PRECIO / PRIX / PRICE - €999.00

Will allow you to relax your entire body. The soft
touch along with with its 8 Vibromotors and its
5 automatic massages will massage your whole
body: legs, buttocks, lumbar and back.
You can select from 3 different levels of intensity
and even enjoy of lumbar heat treatment (40º).
The massage armchair ECO-DE® has also a
Lift remote control, thanks to which you can raise
the chair to self-help. The lift system allows our
elderly or people in need, to stand up without any
difficulty (up to 100 Kg). Lift control you can also
recline the backrest and turn into almost a bed,
following the order of first elevating the feet to the
horizontal position and then gradually laying the
backrest. High strength aluminum structure, padded
in high density Eliocel.

• 5 automatic programs.
• Lumbar heat (40).
• Lift system remote control.
• Recline system remote control.
• LEDs for monitoring the treated areas and intensities.