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PRECIO / PRIX / PRICE - €149.00

Vidafir Pro Massager incorporates the technology of FIR heat moxibustion and traditional Chinese medicine techniques to deal with your pains, unblock your meridians, remove your fatigue, improve your sleep and your general health condition, thus being especially applicable to Adults with high tension and fatigue.

Functional characteristics
. FIR heat moxibustion:
. It can heat and activate the meridians, promote blood circulation,
. Eliminate stress, dissipate moisture and cold.
. Medium frequency electric pulse:
. Simulates various methods of massage in traditional Chinese medicine to promote local blood circulation, relax local muscles and eliminate fatigue.

Magnetic treatment:
Performs magnetic treatment on acupuncture points in the sole, adjusts Yin and Yang, balances and improves microcirculation with its multiple integrated functions of magnets

Physiotherapy in multiple parts:
It is equipped with electrodes for multifunctional physical therapy, more comfortable and more efficient.

You can improve your quality and depth of sleep with your natural music incorporated.

Voice guide:
It is easier to use with your voice guide for the correct functioning of Vidafir Pro.