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PRECIO / PRIX / PRICE - €199.00

VIDALIFE is the ultimate massage product to massage your lumbar.
It offers 2 modes of combined electrical impulses automatically and 4 manual modes.
It incorporates several magnets used to perform magnetic therapy, adjust a balance of yin and yang and improve microcirculation.

. Ergonomic design perfectly adjustable to the curve of the waist.
. Extend and pull your lumbar from your own gravity (the waist will rise to a certain height with your side curved to break down most of your body weight into parts and then apply them to the top and bottom sides of the spine) to stretch and recover your lumbar spine.
. Synchronous health system combined with FIR heat and low frequency electric pulse magnets.
. The FIR infrared can heat and activate the sensitive areas of the body favoring blood circulation and dissipating the cold. The user can choose between 3 heat levels.
. Voice guide to facilitate its operation.
. Several magnets used to perform a magnetic treatment on acupuncture points.